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    Let us introduce an absolute novelty in our offer – the Soft Ginger mantle. You haven’t seen such a fabulous and sexy garment for pregnant ladies in our store yet. It’s a gorgeous cinnamon cape that is fully made of delicate fabric. Soft Ginger looks like a lightweight and trailing…

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    The Swan dress is one of our latest designs that we’ve created specifically for outdoor wedding celebrations. The main feature of the garment are airy and lightweight feathers that run down both at  the front and back. They create a V-shaped decoration and add flair to the outfit. The top is made of satin that is lined with soft viscose. The back features delicate plumeti fabric and it’s buttoned up with gorgeous pearls. Due to a few layers of off-white tulle, the dress gives the impression of a graceful swan. 


    The Swan dress is a glamorous outfit for little girls who will take part in festivities associated with beauty, fidelity, tranquility and longevity. Paired with a head wreath made of tiny flowers, it will make your little girl stand out amongst the scenery of outside celebrations.


    Garment composition: tulle – 100% polyamide, lining – 100% satin and viscose.

    Made in Poland


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    The Daisy dress is a soft and cute summer dress for little girls. With its delicate ruffles and flowery look, it will emphasize the girliness of your princess. There are three colour versions available: Daisy White, Daisy Violet and Daisy Blue. The top of the dress is classic with slightly ruffled cuffs. The back is V-shaped and it zipps invisibly. The skirt of the Daisy dress is made of satin and tulle which are soft to the touch. The tulle layers are gently gathered around the waist to add volume and lightness to the skirt. The outer layer is embellished with beautiful daisies. There is a detachable bow at the back to enhance its girly vibe.


    Daisy is a universal spring and summer dress for a little girl. Paired with our Bluebell headbands Bluebell Pink, Bluebell White or Bluebell Blue, the dress will be an outstanding outfit for special occasions like weddings. At the same time you might add a simple pair of trainers and turn Daisy into an everyday dress for kindergarten activities. 


    Garment composition: tulle – 100% polyamide, lining – 100% satin.

    We need 3 days to make Daisy for you.

    Made in Poland

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