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        The holiday set for the girl named Megi Silver is a true ode to elegance and comfort. The satin skirt in an intense green shade is the quintessence of freshness and style. Its delicate sheen adds a unique character, making it perfect for various festive occasions. The skirt is not only beautiful but also exceptionally comfortable, making it well-suited for everyday wear.

        The silver blouse, lined with delicate knitwear, is the perfect complement to the set. Ruffles give the blouse a lightness and girlish charm. The large bow, which can be pinned anywhere, is a subtle detail that adds a special character to the whole ensemble.

        This set not only looks stunning but is also incredibly practical. It can be worn both for special occasions and on a daily basis, making it a versatile addition to a child’s wardrobe. The Megi Silver set is a combination of elegance, comfort, and functionality that will delight any little fashionista.

        Made in Poland.

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        The Holiday Set for Mom – Megi Gold is a perfect blend of elegance and comfort, allowing for a harmonious coordination of styles with your daughter. The satin skirt in deep red wine, reaching below the knee, exudes feminine charm. It features practical pockets, is fastened with a discreet concealed zipper, and the wide waistband delicately accentuates the waist, adding subtle charm to the ensemble.

        The blouse in the set, made of brocade gold fabric, is elegant and simultaneously classic. The front of the blouse is simple, without unnecessary embellishments, giving it versatility and allowing the set to shine not only during the holidays but also on other occasions. The back of the blouse has a teardrop-shaped cutout, adding a touch of subtlety to the overall look.

        The 3/4 sleeves give the blouse a lightness, making the set comfortable and practical. This styling is an excellent solution for a mom who wants to maintain a harmonious style with her daughter while feeling exceptionally elegant and comfortable in every situation.

        Made in Poland.

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        The Pearl Dress is a true gem in the world of fashion, exuding delicacy and elegance. Its pearly pink color adds a subtle charm to the overall look, making it perfect for special occasions. Made of lightweight and delicate organza, it is not only visually beautiful but also pleasant to wear.

        The interior of the dress is lined with a high-quality viscose lining, adding comfort and a sense of luxury. The back of the dress is fastened with a discreet concealed zipper. An additional charm to the dress is the bow at the back, which not only decorates but also allows for adjustment, ensuring a perfect fit. The dress sleeves are puffed and stylish, giving the entire ensemble a unique character.

        This dress is not only beautiful but also practical – its lightness allows for easy movement, making every girl feel like a real princess. The Pearl Dress is an excellent choice for those seeking a combination of elegance and comfort.

        Made in Poland.

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        The Swan dress is one of our latest designs that we’ve created specifically for outdoor wedding celebrations. The main feature of the garment are airy and lightweight feathers that run down both at  the front and back. They create a V-shaped decoration and add flair to the outfit. The top is made of satin that is lined with soft viscose. The back features delicate plumeti fabric and it’s buttoned up with gorgeous pearls. Due to a few layers of off-white tulle, the dress gives the impression of a graceful swan. 


        The Swan dress is a glamorous outfit for little girls who will take part in festivities associated with beauty, fidelity, tranquility and longevity. Paired with a head wreath made of tiny flowers, it will make your little girl stand out amongst the scenery of outside celebrations.


        Garment composition: tulle – 100% polyamide, lining – 100% satin and viscose.

        Made in Poland


      • Zestaw świąteczny Melody

        Zestaw Świąteczny Melody to klasyczna spódniczka w granatową kratkę z przepięknym wykończeniem w postaci koronki. Góra to casualowa czerwona miękka bluza z falbanką idealnie pasującą do spódniczki. Jest możliwość zakupu osobno spódniczki i bluzy. Zapraszam serdecznie Ewa 🙂